But can we talk about how demon!dean is a hardcore feminist who literally slaughters a guy for saying that a man can cheat because its “part of nature” but a woman should always belong to only one man?

He did an awesome and feminist thing with that guy, don’t get me wrong. I cheered hardcore about it. But it was one of the few feminist things he’s done since the mark changed him.

Remember him refusing to respect the bodily autonomy and consent of the stripper at the club that he was visiting just, oh, twenty minutes ago or less in the same episode? Yeah, that wasn’t cool, or feminist. And don’t try me with Dean not knowing the rules:

A) Demon or not, this is Dean. He’s been to enough strip clubs to know to ask first, and that it’s not just a generally accepted rule that it’s okay to touch the women while they dance without asking.

B) He’s told the rules, and he tries to argue them with her. So he knows the rules now, but you can tell once she starts to freak out that if the bouncer hadn’t appeared he would’ve done something misogynistic, too.

To believe he’s so hardcore about his feminism also involves ignoring him slut-shaming the girl he was having a two-night-stand with in the previous episode just because she didn’t want to take off with him after knowing him for only a few days. *shakes head*

(And I’m ignoring him using bitch as an endearing insult for his male pals, since he’s done that forever, and I only have so much patience, even if I do flinch at both it being used in the show and the exchange being so loved in fandom.)

Killing the sexist guy was awesome. But that doesn’t wash away demon!Dean’s other sexist moments, and turn him into some sort of hardcore male feminist. At least, not in my mind. Not yet.

I feel like this actually is a battle between human!dean and demon!dean. Demon!dean wants to use and abuse everyone (especially women for sex) but when he killed the cheating husband, that’s totally something human!dean would do (well, maybe human!dean wouldn’t kill him, but you know what I mean). I’m seeing the two sides of him as a kind of tug of war between demon and human.

In the first two episodes we see it. Demon!dean sleeps with the bartender and beats up the guy to protect her “honor” (whatever the fuck that means?)  but then we kind of see the human side who basically calls himself a pathetic piece of crap for using women for sex.

Similarly, demon!dean disrespects the dancer at the strip club, trying to make it seem like she owes him her body and attention because he’s giving her money. But then kills a guy for saying a woman belongs to a man but a man can go do whatever he pleases because “boys will be boys”.

So I guess demon!dean actually isn’t the feminist, it’s what’s left of his humanity shining through.

that being said, I still think it interesting that that side of him is able to break through the twisted demon soul.

i love conversations like this analyzing shows just like they taught us to analyze books in school i'm glad all that schooling went to good use demon!dean dean winchester supernatural spn s10 spoilers


Reichenbach (10x02)


No no! But the look in his eyes in that second gif. Its like he’s trying to stay neutral but if you really look, you can almost sense a hint of disgust, like the demon in him wants to do it, but the human left in him is absolutely appalled that his brain is thinking that.
He says he’s doing everything to hold back from ripping his brother’s throat out, but what if that was more than demon snark, what if he’s actually holding back because he really doesn’t want to hurt Sam

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Hey so, I cut off more of my hair and dyed it red. As you can see, the back is super short, and I accidentally did a little ombre on the front. 

I’m not sure how I feel about it yet, any thoughts?

Hell fuckin yeah! Redheads unite!
You look gorgeous as always you little stunner you

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Anonymous asked:

Hey sorry for my ignorance but I keep forgetting what tattoo does cas still have?

Writing Is Hard Answer:

In season nine, when Cas was human he got a tattoo below his ribcage (i’m assuming in enochian) that I’m guessing was supposed to be an angel warding tattoo, like so other angels couldn’t find him? I don’t think they actually go into detail about it (It’s been a while since I watched the episode) but yeah.

I love that he still has it. I thought that when he became an angel again the grace would heal it and make it go away but it didn’t! So now he’s just a sexy tattooed angel!